Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will signing up for The Body Guards in anyway affect my access to making a 911 call?

A.  Absolutely not. Our phone app actually compliments the ability to make a 911 call. If you use your Bully Guard app, with one click you send a distress signal to your Bully Guard Network and with another click dial 911. With 2 clicks you notify your protectors as well as the authorities. Less than dialing 911!

Q.  How far of an area does the Body Guard System reach out to other people on the network?

A.  The limitations of the communication to those in your network is the same as the signal on your cell phone and that of those in your network. As long as you and your network can receive a cell phone connection you are connected with the Bully Guard.

Q.  What changes can I make to my personal profile once I sign up?

A.  You can access your account at any time to add, delete or change any information, including adding any service or stopping services. At the time of sign up you will be prompted to create a user name and password to insure your privacy.

Q.  What if I change phones?

  Changing phones should have no effect on The Bully Guard System. Your phone service should download all your existing information from phone contacts to other applications including The Bully Guard application. If this is not the case, then in your profile you use to access your account there is a set-up procedure you can use to configure your phone and synchronize with our system.

Q.  What if I change my phone number?

  Changing your phone number has no effect on our system. The Bully Guard Network is device specific and as long as you have the app loaded on your mobile device and you are current with your subscription along with your Bully Guard Network information being up to date, then you are protected.

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